Palestine in Documenta Madrid 2011


Palestine: Land and People in the 21st Century, a series hosted by the international documentary film festival Documenta Madrid 2011, provides an overview of the history of the region and the key factors to the Israeli occupation: military invasions into Palestinian refugee camps, the second Intifada, the struggle of women, Israeli society, the wall, Gaza and the reason behind the right to return. All these issues about a people and a land struggling to stay together. Produced between 2001 and 2010, these ten Palestinian documentaries reveal this reality. This series is set in this land and is made by its people: Mohammad Bakri and Juliano Mer Khamis from Haifa, Buthina Canaan Khoury and Liana Badr from Ramallah, Azza El-Hassan from Amman, Carol Mansour from Beirut, Rawan Damen from Doha, Omar Shargawi from Copenhagen and Edward Salem from Chicago.

2001Zaman al-Akhbar (Tiempo de noticias, 2001, Palestina/Jordania/Alemania, 50 min), Azza El-Hassan.
2002. Jenin Jenin (2002, Palestina, 54 min), Mohammad Bakri.
2003. Arna’s Children (Los niños de Arna, 2003, Palestina/Israel/Holanda, 84 min), Juliano Mer Khamis.
2004. Women in Struggle (Mujeres en Lucha, 2001, Palestina, 56 min), Buthina Canaan Khoury.
2005. Min Youm Ma Ruhat (Desde que te fuiste, 2005, Palestina, 58 min), Mohammad Bakri.
2006. The Gates are Open. Sometimes! (Las puertas están abiertas. ¡A veces!, 2006, Palestina, 42 min), Liana Badr.
2007. A Summer not to forget (Un verano para no olvidar, 2007, Líbano, 27 min), Carol Mansour.
2008. Al Nakba (La catástrofe, 2008, Qatar, 200 min), Rawan Al Damen.
2009. Impunity (Impunidad, 2009, Palestina, 70 min), Edward Salem.
2010. Fra Haifa til Norrebro (Mi padre de Haifa, 2010, Dinamarca, 52 min), Omar Shargawi.

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